The Old Man and the NSA


An old fisherman versus the NSA


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The Old Man and the NSA is a simple 2D arcade game with a very silly premise. In it, you control an old fisherman who finds a box of government secrets while fishing. After this discovery, a stranger tries to help him upload the data to the Internet, while the NSA (National Security Agency) tries to stop him.

The game is divided into two parts: in the first, you have to order a computer using your radio and set it up; in the second, you have to defend your computer while it uploads the data you found.

In the second part of the game, which is much longer and more fun than the first, you have to use the harpoon launcher to destroy anyone who tries to block your Internet connection and, above all else, the NSA agents trying to destroy your computer.

If the agents manage to break your computer, you'll have to start again from the first part of the game.

The Old Man and the NSA is a crazy and fun arcade game. Although fairly short (it only takes about five minutes to finish), it's still good mindless entertainment.
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